Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

We aren't doing anything tonight but catching up on life. I have to work in the morning so low key, but it is all good. I folded the ever mounting laundry pile and figured out bills so that feels great. The kids went to a movie with Bob today and took Hunter shopping which was thrilled about. He got a new gun and a race track, so a seven year old boy a day doesn't get any better! I went to shopping with Stacey and got some cool stuff for the house. Darcy has totally inspired me after visiting her a few weeks ago. Her house is the most comfortable house I have ever been in! It is so homey and classy at the same time. Our photos are throughout her house which is so sweet and meaningful. She has arrangements throughout her house of pictures and art work, I can only dream to come close to her knack. She also has a lot of her own artwork which is just cool. Again very inspiring.

I am so excited for 2013! It has to be better then 2012, so many bad things happened in 2012. Personally and globally....I was so so sick in July, I worked as a manager which I thought I would love but didn't, Brandon and I created a debt that scares us, and most of all Croix Benning Briscoe died. I know 2013 has to be better!

With that being said I did get one of the best gifts of all, I be came an aunt. Kenlee Ann Smith is so amazing, she is old soul in a baby body. Her eyes are mesmerizing, she looks at you and you can literally see everything...everything good in the world. She is such a blessing....even if she gave me a lot of grey hairs coming out!

Goals personally for 2013 are:

Figure out money
Lose some weight
Get the house in order
Allow the kids to have friends over
Get the kids to do chores and respect money
Remember not to throw kids birthday parties
Spend more time with people that count
Do something special for my husband and try everyday to remember that I am lucky to be married to him even when life gets hard.
Go to Atlanta for the first time in eleven years....I miss my dad!
Remember life is short....sometimes way to short!

Brooklyn's resolution is to watch more funny. If I have anything to say about it that would be a no!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Packer Viking Game day

I just downloaded blogger to the iPad and I super excited to start blogging again!

Today we are going to have mom, bob, and Jackie over for the Packer Viking game. I can't wait to hold Kenlee, she is so damn cute. We are going to try mini tacos in the wonton wrappers. Fun stuff.

Brandon and Timmy went for a walk in the state park, hunting is their life!

Brooklyn is going with Mom to pick out a new doll.

Everyone came over for the game it was fun. I am always worried how Jamie will take the game...he hasn't yet hit the fact that it is just a game but it is coming soon, I see how he is a wonderful father... And with this.... games all of sudden don't matter as much. The Vikings did win though, but I think it puts us " packers" in the benefit. Kenlee looked so cute in her Vikings outfit and I loved that she had another one to put on right after she peed on the first.

Friday, November 19, 2010

For My Kids

Shine The Light lyricsWalk away I knowYou’re not coming backNo one was ever told and you dared not to askI had this feeling you’d rehearsed ‘cause all the words you spoke were so divine.Left beside myself your silhouette just passing by.I hear you breathing fast asleepIs it really so? I’m tangled up in plaid and basking in the afterglowI have this feeling we been here to long the circles worn upon these floorsI stand beside myself a sea of change addressed unsure.If you feel you’ve got to break my heartThat nothing here could ever heal youIf I could be the mend the cast, restartWould you let me fix the rest of you?So I wipe away the yearsYou‘ve blossomed through it allHad my knees been there for me I might have never fallenI want this feeling to deny it all, deny you felt the same and II left you by yourself my faults were thereWaving their goodbye’sIf you feel you’ve got to break my heartThat nothing here could ever heal youIf I could be the mend the cast, restartWould you let me fix the rest of you?You’ve gone uncomfortably quiet & I am comfortably sadI given in and resigned you held the rein’s in your handsMy hearts divided, I’ve been placed securely under your thumbMy betters been best and I am feeling unsungBaby walk away I knowYou’re not coming backNo I was never told and I dared not to askIf you feel you’ve got to break my heartThat nothing here could ever heal youIf I could be the mend the cast, restartWould you let me fix the rest of you?


So today, we have almost finished cleaning out the "scrapbooking room." It has been so much more work then I anticipated! We have boxed everything and carried it out into our very much smaller garage ( good thing because we will have a mudroom finally.) Brandon got some kicks because it got to demolition the cabinets and shelving and got to then burn it.... and we all know how men love fire. We moved our main computer out to the basement living room which is kinda nice... not so cold. The porch is about two thirds done it has a roof and it is partially shingled. The mudroom is framed and the heat should go in next week. I am still so undecided about the wood flooring and color of the siding. I have asked my mom for some advice and tomorrow I will see my very talented Aunt Judie.

Last night with the huge mess we have going on around here we could not find Brooke's nuk. So she finally went to bed without one!!!! And only asked me once for it today and that was when I was laying with her in our bed, putting her to bed. But with her becoming older (no baby anymore) she today has decided to call me "Erika" instead of mom. I asked her why and she said because you are "Erika," when I respond that this hurt my feelings she said "You will be my mama but I am going to call you Erika." Also, I just have to say that she was so sweet laying in our bed, she just kept wanting me to play with her hair.... she has never asked me that before.

Hunter was grounded to today for trying to fake punch Lexi. No more violet video games. Although that is hard to keep around here because of his father.

Lexi is doing well. She is very excited about her book report. She has picked the book "Mrs Holly is Jolly." She also helped me alot cleaning. She is very excited for her new bedroom but I am worried she won't be able to sleep in it, considering she can't go downstairs now without one of us.

Tomorrow Brandon starts of gun hunting again..... Lord please let him get a big one so it ends!

Looking forward tomorrow to playing racquetball with my good friend Tammy and then having brunch with her, my aunts, and Dani at my mom's beautiful new house.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Sun

OK I know it is bad when I never never write... I always have good intentions does that count?

Then summer is already half way, I can't believe it!!! When have been very busy with birthdays, weddings, and cabin visits.

Alexa had a beautiful birthday with friends. We went to the River Falls bowling alley and bowled. It was so interesting to see her interact with friends.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Using the computer

Ok ok i just haven't been able to use the computer as much as I thought i would be able to the problem is that Brandon is always using the thing or Alexa. i could only use it in the late evening. Right now I was able to steal it because his buddys jerry and tim came over to hang out . We have been going through each room and reorganizing them so far done Brooklyn and Alexa and Hunter are completed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Age

I am so excited I just got my wireless internet to work!!! Now I really don't have a excuse not to make posts.

Tomorrow is Brandon's 35th birthday- what a old man- I love that I get to say that for the rest of my life! The kids made him some very cute cards, and he is getting a backpack for Roxi to wear while shed hunting. Today, I asked him if he had thought anymore about going back to school and for what... his answer really surprised me.... he said "You know while I am in the woods, I see so many beautiful things and I wish others could see them the way I do, so I was thinking that I would like to take some photography classes." I had to laugh out loud. I mean I think that is a wonderful idea... but this came from the man that never wants his picture taken because he thinks it steals a piece of his soul---to funny. But, it would be a wonderful adventure to try and it is not a huge commitment, I mean he could continue with what he does now, not a lot of interference.

Lexi everyday impresses me with her smarts. Tonight she did her homework flawlessly. However, it was another late day due to sleeping in late, we all really need to work on that one! We also made Brandon's cake all together, they loved stirring and stirring. I liked it too.

Hunter was over tired and so winy all night, he comes to me just crying, looked at me with those big blues and said "Mom it just isn't fair, I never get to do anything." "Well, Hunter what do you want to do?" "I don't know."- with more sobs. My heart had to go out to him.